Our project

Objectives of the project

The joint cooperation activities that are scheduled to be hosted in 4 partner schools will enable students as well as teachers to gain experience of intercultural cooperation, improve their communication and social skills, learn about educational systems practices, customs of other European citizens, change their perspective on language learning, consequently increase their awareness and motivation in this respect

Students working together in multicultural teams will develop a sense of European cooperation and active citizenship, which will be beneficial to all of them in the long term, both professionally and personally.

During the exchanges, teachers will be able to observe curricular differences and similarities in European education systems, the distinctions in approaches to language learning and teaching, information which they will use in order to adapt the contents of the final products.

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The objectives we expect to reach are:

*to develop students’ interest in and motivation for reading activities(min 50% of target group);

*to foster instances that stimulate and aim at developing students’ creativity and English language skills(min 75%);

*to cultivate critical, creative thinking, personal and social capability among participant students (min 60%);

*to enhance comprehension of their own culture in European context (min 70%);

*to promote European values and positive attitude towards cultural exchange to boost language teachers’ competences;

*to design English language teaching aids and share them with foreign language teachers in own countries and Europe.

The project aims to result in the achievement of a number of intangible and tangible results: improved level of English (at least A2+), improved communication and social skills, team work skills in both national and international setting, organisational skills, cultural awareness and attitudes.

The learners’ interest for reading in English due to the activities that incorporate key competences to support lifelong learning will heighten. Tangible results comprise all the documents and support materials produced by the project teams: action plans, evaluation reports for local and transnational activities, feedback forms, initial and final surveys, observation sheets, intermediate and final reports, impact studies, dissemination materials, Erasmus+ corners, visibility materials to promote project activities in the form of brochures,leaflets, banners, rollups; project website, eTwinning twin space, set up communication groups, certificates of attendance and other documents issued during the exchanges, worksheets of students, presentations of schools,presentations of systems of education, photo collection of project activities, Compendium of English language methodology; Collection of story-related activities and lesson plans for students; Collection of online English teaching and learning resources, Curriculum for optional class „Teaching and learning English through humour based activities”.